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How to start a Natural Church Development survey?

Contact: Please contact NCD via: or: +316-10008238. The NCD office can supply you with the necessary information.

Facilitator: As a church you appoint a facilitator who supports  the proces. The facilitator gets an account from NCD Netherlands. The facilitator can start the survey and finish it via this account.

Survey The facilitator sends invitations to the church members to fil in the survey via the website. Also he can ask them to reply on paper and enter the results himself. The website supports this. We advice to repeat the survey every 1 to 1,5 year.

The facilitator starts the generation of the results after the surveys are filled in.  This generates the Basic Result with the 8 bars. Under detailed results the facilitator can generate the Result Guide with detailed results.

Follow up On the website you find further instructions how to work with the results.

Website survey

The manual for the survey website (in Dutch)


How do the reports look like?

Here you can find an example of the reports of the survey:
-1. Summary Guide (Summery)
-2. Story Guide (Result from different perspectives)
-3. Status Guide (Current status)
-4. Strategy Guide (Next steps)

How does the proces look like?

The surveys are filled in by the church members.
The facilitator fills in the Pastor form with input from the Pastor if applicable.
The results are made available.
Improvements are being created en executed.
After 1 to 1,5 year the process repeats itself.

What are the costs?

In the pricelist you can find the cost of the survey.
You need a token for the Basic Result and a token for the Result Guide. These have to be ordered via the website under the item Tokens. The pricelist can be requested via

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